Miracle Survivor of Nazi Holocaust, Shares How She and Her Baby Survived

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Anka and Eva Clarke
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Anka Clark, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp during World War II, has shared her story about how she and her baby survived the holocaust, and the atrocities committed by the Nazis during that era. On April 19, Anka together with her daughter Eva, will share again their story at BBC One, the news site reports, April 16, 2011.

In an earlier interview of Anka Clarke, she recalled how she had arrived at Auschwitz Concentration Camp at Birkenau, in 1944, pregnant with her daughter, Eva.

The pregnancy was not apparent yet, though so Eva was sent to work in a factory and escaped the gas chambers.

After Eva was born, Anka Clarke would not have “lasted much longer” if the American Army has not liberated the camp.

Now, Eva Clark talks about her experiences in schools, and institutions to which she is invited.

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