Miracle 2010 Workshop: Minimal Access Surgery technology for simpler heart operations

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Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) is a simpler process of heart operation that was first initiated in 1996. Published results proved that this procedure is equally safe as the traditional operation and with far better recovery.

It is being performed on a routine basis and applicable to both valve and CABG operations, in addition to closing holes in the heart.

In an effort to popularize this MAS technology, Apollo Hospitals, which is a major hospital chain based in Chennai, India organized on Saturday a live surgery workshop dubbed as Miracle 2010.

The workshop was attended by more than 100 doctors from across the state, and three surgeries were conducted using MAS technology which was projected live on a big screen.

A team of doctors from Apollo Hospitals, headed by senior consultant, cardiac surgeon Dr Sathyaki Nambala conducted the surgery. A live narration in the hall took participants through the procedures.

Three years ago, a 52-year-old lady was diagnosed suffering from a heart valve disease, and was chosen for this surgery.

She was affected by rheumatic heart valve disease where all valves, especially the ones on the left, were affected.

The patient was at first hesitant on having a heart surgery using this MAS technology, but later agreed when doctors explained the minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedure.

Doctors said MAS technology not only offers fast recovery, but also guarantees considerably less pain to patients.

Patients will be left with only a small scar, and they can be discharged soon, the doctors added.

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