Minka Disbrow, 94-year old mother, reunites with daughter after 77 years

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Minka Disbrow, then 94 years old, was reunited with her daughter after 77 years, whom she gave up for adoption after being raped in South Dakota, at the age of 16.

According to US news sites on Monday, January 2, 2012, Minka Disbrow got pregnant after the incident during a summer picnic in 1928 and was later brought to a Lutheran home for pregnant young girls.

The next year, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Betty Jane, who was later adopted by a pastor and his wife, a couple that Disbrow was not able to meet, not even once.

Years passed, Minka Disbrow moved to California and married a fruit salesman who later became a wartime pilot and drafting engineer, while she worked as a dressmaker, silk saleswoman and a school cafeteria manager.

Despite having two children with her husband, Disbrow never forgot her first baby and kept a black and white photograph of her, bundled in blankets and tucked inside a basket, hoping to find her soon.

Disbrow, now 100 years old, did not stop searching for her child during her younger years, and reportedly sending letters to to the Lutheran home, asking for news of her daughter but never heard of her.

As noted at NY Daily News, Mrs. Disbrow recalled praying on her 94th birthday, May 22, 2006, wishing that she could still find her missing daughter, who that time is 77 years old.

“Lord, if you would just let me see Betty Jane, I won’t bother her, I promise. I just want to see her before I die.” Mrs. Disbrow was quoted on the report, not realizing her prayers will be answered soon.

On July 2, 2006, Mrs. Disbrow received a call from a man asking about her details but she did not tell the truth for the fear of identity theft; not until the man mentioned the name Betty Jane, who now lives in Wisconsin.

As the story being featured at the Orange County Register last month, Betty Jane was raised in Iowa as Ruth Lee, who was that time searching for her long lost biological mother, until her name was found online.

Mrs. Lee noted in the reports that she knew all the while she was adopted; who worked at Walmart for almost 20 years and had six children including Mark Lee, a veteran NASA astronaut.

Minka Disbrow was proven to be the mother of Ruth Lee, and her son Brian Lee, who called her grandmother earlier, arranged the plan for the mother-daughter reunion, after 77 years.

A month later, Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee saw each other again and immediately realized their big resemblance particularly in taste of clothes, with the entire family notably thrilled with the unforgettable reunion.

Betty Jane, now Ruth Lee (left) and her long lost mother Minka Disbrow, in 2006
Image Credit: Jae C. Hong/AP

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