Milwaukee sinkhole swallows 2 parked cars, no one injured (Photo)

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A huge sinkhole in Milwaukee was reported to have swallowed two parked cars on Saturday, March 12, 2011, as shown on the photo below.

Milwaukee sinkhole swallows 2 cars
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According to US news sites, the Milwaukee sinkhole measures about 625 square feet and 10-feet deep, were 2 parked cars were swallowed but one was injured.

The deep sinkhole was formed on a road adjacent to the Humboldt Avenue Bridge, near Humboldt and Commerce, with both cars were removed on Sunday morning.

Apparently, the sinkhole was said to have been caused by a water main break, with one of the cars owners was musician Andrew Gelles.

“I was standing on the concrete. It was like a train under my feet. I was thinking I should move this car.” Gelles recalls on reports, adding that he felt the vibration on the ground it eventually opened up.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Works in Milwaukee said the opening has been already filled-in, and the area is again open to traffic.

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