Millionaire 420 square feet home: Graham Hill downgrades lifestyle (Video)

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Millionaire 420 square feet

Millionaire 420 square feet home
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Millionaire Graham Hill is now living in a 420 square feet home in New York City, according to a news report by Today on Thursday, March 21, 2013.

The change in Hill‘s lifestyle came after he reportedly “felt his swanky lifestyle was wasteful and made a drastic change.” He has also reportedly shied away from his jet-setting lifestyle.

Hill has since moved into a 420-square foot SoHo studio type apartment.

During the 1990s, Hill reportedly sold his tech start-up company for several millions of dollars. He then lived in a Seattle mansion with “expensive furniture, the latest gadgets, and flashy cars in the driveway.”

Below is a video of millionaire Hill‘s 420-square feet home in New York City.

420-square feet home by millionaire Graham Hill.
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After his latest transfer, Hill expressed his happiness of living in a less expensive and smaller home. Hill said that, “Less stuff to take care of, less stuff to think about, less stuff to maintain, easier to find things — it’s just overall simpler.”

Hill is a known advocate of minimal lifestyle. His new home reportedly features a fold-down bed, a 12-seater dinner table, and a less spacious office.

The millionaire explained that,

People understand that we have super-sized, and it’s not really working for us and maybe there’s a better solution. I think life is about experiences and about connections and about relationships, and I think you want to maximize your time focused on that and minimize your time focused on acquiring more stuff and dealing with it.

That process of acquiring lots of stuff relatively quickly and feeling sort of wasteful and not very conscious about the whole thing and realizing at the end of the day, it didn’t really make me any happier than my smaller, simpler life.

This is a bachelor’s bathroom. If you were married, there is no way you share this space with the wife.

I want to build larger buildings composed of small spaces paired with a lot of community.

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