Mike Huckabee to Christians: “Vote on values that will stand the test of fire” (Video)

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Mike Huckabee warns Christians on this coming US presidential election, as shown in the video below, uploaded at YouTube last week; saying that they should “vote based on values that will stand the test of fire.” He did not mention Mitt Romney‘s name, but the ad is being believed to be against US President Barack Obama.

Mike Huckabee vote ad

A scene on Mike Huckabee’s ad for November
2012 US presidential election

Image Credit: Creative Lab video

“In generations past, the Church has always been able to count on the faithful to stand up and protect its sacred rights and duties. This generation of Christians must do the same.” Mike Huckabee said on the first part of the video, adding later that many other issues are more important than jobs, taxes and economy.

“Many issues are at stake, but some issues are not negotiable: The right to life from conception to natural death. Marriage should be reinforced, not redefined.” Huckabee, 57, a former Governor of Arkansas and is now hosting Huckabee, a political commentary program being aired on the Fox News Channel.

“It is an egregious violation of our cherished principle of religious liberty for the government to force the Church to buy the kind of insurance that leads to the taking of innocent human life.” Huckabee added, who endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney last May and criticized Obama‘s administration.

“Your vote will affect the future and be recorded in eternity. Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? This is Mike Huckabee asking you to join me November 6th and vote based on values that will stand the test of fire.” Huckabee said on the last part, with the ad video produced by Creative Lab.

Test of Fire – Election 2012 (Mike Huckabee)
Video Credit: Creativelab7/YouTube

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