Mike Hollowell, Lowe’s Store Manager Saves Countless Lives as Tornado Hits North Carolina

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Mike Hollowell
Lowe’s store manager Mike Hollowell, center,
gets a hug on Sunday, April 17, 2011, from co-worker
Don Wear, who was also in the
store when the storm hit.

Credit: AP Photo/Ted Richardson

Mike Hollowell, Lowe‘s store manager in North Carolina was reported to have saved countless lives when a tornado ripped the roof off their building on Saturday.

According to reports, Hollowell and his staff acted fast to bring more than 100 customers and employees to the safest part of the building when they saw the tornado approaching.

“We just kind of funneled everybody we could to the back where it is kind of re-enforced the most and luckily we just got everybody we could find. Between the rumbling and the screams, it was kind of horrific,” Hollowell was quoted saying.

As reported in a White House Press Release dated April 18, 2011, President Barack Obama called Hollowell to offer his gratitude for Hollowell‘s “swift action that saved so many lives.”

Meanwhile, Hollowell has reportedly deflected all the praises for his actions, saying he was simply following his company’s safety plans.

“One person didn’t save all those lives. It was a team effort,” Hollowell reportedly said.

Below is a video report courtesy of CNN.

Lowe’s Employee Saved 100 from Tornado
Credit: CNN

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