Microsoft to block Apple from using ‘App Store’ as exclusive trademark

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Microsoft was reported to have filed a request to US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), apparently to block Apple from using the phrase ‘App Store’ as part of its trademark exclusively.

According to a pdf file document at, Microsoft filed an objection against Apple’s application to use the phrase ‘App Store’ on their trademark, in which Apple has applied back in 2008.

Microsoft said on the document dated January 10, 2011, that ‘App Store’ is a generic term that can be used by any company with and application store, without worrying about legal arguments.

The document, with Serial No. 77/525433 and Opposition No. 91195582, states that ‘App’ is a generic name for software application, while ‘Store’ is generic for retail store services.

Microsoft added that ‘App Store’ is widely used in the ‘trade and general press’ as the name for online stores featuring apps, and concluded that Apple’s competitors should be feel free to use the phrase.

Incidentally, Microsoft also runs an application store for Windows phones, as well as Nokia and Google; while Amazon and Verizon were also reported to have plans to launch their own application stores.

Meanwhile, Apple launched the Mac Apps Store last week, which was reported to have more than 1,000 free and paid apps.

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