Microsoft announces Security Advisory, Windows Graphics attacked

By on Jan 5, 2011 in Software Comments

Microsoft Corporation announced on Tuesday a security advisory that they learned some public reports that Windows Graphics Rendering Engine has been attacked by an unidentified account, and is still under investigation.

According to a post at, Windows Graphics has been attacked and consumers are being warned that malicious software can be installed to change, view, delete data, or to create a new account with the approval of the user without his knowledge.

Apparently, the attacker has been successful in exploiting the vulnerability and can enter an arbitrary code in the security context of the user, and those who operate with administrative user rights may experience may feel more impact than those who have lesser user rights.

As of this writing, the giant software company is still working with Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) to possibly provide a wider protection program to their customers.

Once the investigation will be finished, Microsoft promised to take the appropriate action which may include a security update in their monthly report or depending on the necessity of the customers.

Among the affected Microsoft software includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Servers 2003 and 2008, while Windows 7 is not included.

However, Microsoft emphasized that the Server Core installation for Windows Server 2008 is not affected.

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