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Mick Pennisi Flop: PBA player delayed reaction goes viral (Video)

By on Mar 23, 2012 in Asia, Basketball, Sports, Weird Comments

Manila, Philippines – The so-called ‘Mick Pennisi flop video‘ is now going viral, with the PBA player caught in camera as shown below, making a late reaction after he was hit by a basket ball during a game last Wednesday.

Mick Pennisi (88), making his delayed
reaction after being hit by ball

Image Credit: PBA video

As noted at ABS-CBN on Thursday, March 22, 2012, Petron Blaze Boosters‘ import Will McDonald threw the ball into the bald head of Barako Bull‘s Mick Pennisi, who fell into the deck but obviously made a delayed reaction.

Later, McDonald was ejected from the game and Barako Bull won (94-80), but Pennisi earned instant fame for his ‘acting’ moment since it took him about a second before he reacted; in which he was mocked by some observers.

Apparently, the incident was uploaded at YouTube video and immediately caught the attention of sports websites and international sites such as Huffington Post, Yahoo! Sports and ESPN sports radio, where it was called as the ‘worst basketball flop ever’.

“If you thought flopping in the NBA was bad, check how atrocious it is in the Philippines. We don’t even want to know what Filipino soccer players do to get calls,” A statement reads at sports blog

“We’ve seen some pretty bad flops in basketball throughout the years but this one takes the cake.” A statement reads at Huffington Post, also posting some other flops in the NBA games.

Mick Pennisi Flop (delayed reaction)
Video Credit: slatercruz/YouTube/AKTV/PBA

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