Michigan Election 2010 Results: Rick Snyder leads as Governor with most Republican Congess bets

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Michigan Election 2010 latest results show that Rick Snyder leads as Governor, together with most Republican bets, according to its SOS official website.

As of November 03, 2010, 10:52:06 am (US time), Rick Snyder has 1,880, 108 against closest rival Virg Bernero, a Democratic candidate and mayor of Michigan‘s capitol city, Lansing, with 1,289,807 votes.

Meanwhile, Republican Howard Walker won the 37th District Seat, as well as Greg MacMaster who won the 105th Michigan House of Representative.

Below is the summary of the District Representative in Congress candidates who may win, as well as their number of votes, according to its SOS official website.

Among Michigan‘s 15 districts, nine of them were being considered to be for Republicans to most likely win.

District 1; Republican Dan Benishek, with 120,054 votes against Democratic Gary McDowell with 72,345 votes.

District 2: Republican Bill Huizenga with 149,235 votes against Democratic Fred Johnson with 94,813 votes.

District 3: Republican Justin Amash, with 136,051 votes against Democratic Pat Miles with 85,463 votes.

District 4: Republican Dave Kamp, with 147,622 votes against Democratic Jerry Campbell with 68,141 votes.

District 5: Democratic Dale Kildee, with 107,212 votes against Republican John Kupiec with 89,668 votes.

District 6: Republican Fred Upton, with 123,133 votes against Democratic Don Cooney with 66,725 votes.

District 7: Republican Tim Walberg, with 114, 384 votes against Democratic Mark Schauer with 103,650 votes.

District 8: Republican Mike Rogers, with 157,148 votes against Democratic Lance Enderle with 84,294 votes.

District 9: Democratic Gary Peters, with 126,155 votes against Democratic Rocky Raczkowski with 119,673 votes.

District 10: Republican Candice Miller, with 168,253 votes against Democratic Henry Yanez with 58,395 votes.

District 11: Republican Thaddeus McCotter, with 141,221 votes against Democratic Natalie Mosher with 91,708 votes.

District 12: Democratic Sander Levin, with 124,667 votes against Republican Don Volaric with 71,371 votes.

District 13: Democratic Hansen Clarke, with 100,507 votes against Republican John Hauler with 23,452 votes.

District 14: Democratic John Conyers Jr, with 115,250 votes against Republican Don Ukrainec with 29,894 votes.

District 15: Democratic John Dingell, with 118,333 votes against Republican Rob Steele with 83,488 votes.

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