Michigan church pastor opens tattoo parlor, has Jesus tattoo on his back (Photo)

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A Michigan pastor recently opened a tattoo parlor called Serenity Tattoo within his church building, and has a Jesus tattoo on his back, as shown in the photo below.

Rev. Steve Bentley, showing his Jesus tattoo
Image Credit: The Bridge

As noted at Christian Post on Friday, January 6, 2012, Rev. Steve Bentley of The Bridge, a non-denominational church at the Flint Township shopping center, opened the tattoo parlor last month.

“There’s a huge misunderstanding in the American church today that the church is a building,” Rev. Steve Bentley was quoted on the report.

“It’s not a physical location. The church is us. We use our space for whatever we can to serve the Lord and our community.” Rev. Bentley added, who also has a Jesus Christ tattoo on his back.

According to the report, Bentley established The Bridge in 2009 and aimed to reach out to the people within his area at Genesee County, which is estimated to be 300,000 residents.

Church members emphasized that the Serenity Tattoo shows that people can also live an alternative lifestyle toward the Gospel, particularly to those who don’t feel comfortable at a traditional house of workshop.

Ryan Brown, Serenity Tattoo‘s manager and its main artist, who had problems with his life for five years, noted that his faith to God returned since he joined the church.

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