Michelle Obama’s nails at the DNC identified as color ‘Vogue,’ from Artistic Nail Design (Photo)

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US First Lady Michelle Obama wore a silk dress designed by Tracy Reese when she spoke at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, and went viral, but the color of her fingernails, as shown in the photos below is also attracting fashion fans.

According to Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, the White House has confirmed that Michelle Obama‘s nails were courtesy of Artistic Nail Design and the color is to be known as ‘vogue,’ and the purple-grey color was described as a “grey/lilac (iridescence/sheen),” and only costs $15.95 in retail stores.

As noted by Today.com on Thursday, Tracy Reese appeared on Today‘s show and revealed that Mrs. Obama‘s dress during her DNC speech was worth below $500, and was one of several designs that she sent to the Obama team. It was paired it with $245 J. Crew shoes and her nail polish was made by Artistic Nail Design.

“It was something that we are planning for later so we are trying to rush it through the cycle so more people can get their hands on it sooner,” Reese told Today‘s show host Natalie Morales, when asked if her company TR Designs is now trying to make the dress available in stores.

“Every phone call and email we’ve received this morning so far is in regards to the “Vogue” [shade]. This is very exciting news for the brand and we’re sure that the color will not only be a huge hit, but will also start setting trends in both beauty and fashion.” Irene Chao of Artistic Nail Design was quoted telling to Today.com.

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Michelle Obama nails DNC
US First Lady Michelle Obama’s nails (left) and Colour Gloss Vogue
Image Credit: Getty Images and ArtisticNailDesign.com

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