Michael Phelps’ mom reacts with joy as she thought her son won a gold medal, caught on live TV (Video)

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Debbie Phelps, Michael Phelps’ mom, was caught on live TV, as shown in the video below, reacting with joy when she thought her son won the gold medal in the 200-meter butterfly event. Her mood later changed when she learned that Michael won only as second place, or silver medal.

Michael Phelps mom reaction

Michael Phelps’ mom Debbie (center), reacts as
she thought her son won a gold medal, along
with daughters Hillary (left) and Whitney

Image Credit: NBC Olympics video

As featured live at NBC Olympics on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, Michael Phelps’ mom and her two sisters Hilary and Whitney were together watching the 27-year old American swimmer, as he complete in that London Olympics 2012 event at the London Aquatic Center.

As the event ended, Debbie Phelps raised her arms and screamed with joy, thinking that her son finished first, but her daughter Hillary immediately called her attention saying that Michael landed as second only. Chad le Clos of South Africa was declared the winner of the event.

Apparently, Phelps was seen leading the race from beginning to end but reportedly failed to properly touch the wall, which made him as the second placer. Debbie, although surprised and disappointed, clapped her hands and still showed support for her son despite winning only the silver medal.

Nevertheless, Michael Phelps, who earlier won a silver medal as a member of the 4 x 100-meter free relay, later won a gold medal in the in the 4 × 200-meter freestyle relay. He still has three more events in this London Olympics: the 200-meter individual medley, the 100 meter butterfly, and the 4 × 100-meter medley relay.

During the 2008 Atlanta Olympics, Phelps won six gold medals and took the record for the most first-place finishes at any single Olympic Games. As of this writing, he has already won 19 Olympic medals and officially making him as the athlete in Olympics history with the most number of medals won.

Debbie Phelps, Michael Phelps’ mom, reacts as she thought her son won a gold medal
Video Credit: ibzal49/YouTube/NBC Olympics

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