Michael Lohan DNA test reveals Lindsay Lohan half sister identity, 17-year old Ashley (Video)

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Michael Lohan‘s DNA test recently revealed that Lindsay Lohan has a half sister named Ashley. Michael, Lindsay‘s father, was proven to have a love child when he was still married to Dina, Lindsay‘s mother, which was revealed in a syndicated TV show, as shown in the video below.

Lindsay Lohan half sister Ashley

Ashley, 17, Lindsay Lohan’s half sister
Image Credit: NBC/Trisha Goddard video via TMZ

As noted at TMZ on Thursday, November 15, 2012, Michael Lohan appeared in an episode of NBC‘s ‘Trisha Goddard‘ show, after he agreed to undergo DNA test, which later proved that he is the father of Ashley, 17, who was also in the show with her mother, Kristi Horn Kaufmann, sitting beside Michael that time.

Apparently, Ashley was the one who opened the folded piece of cardboard that revealed that the result of Michael Lohan‘s DNA test showing that she is indeed Lindsay Lohan‘s half sister. Kristi covered her face and started to cry, while Michael was stunned and speechless.

Michael is Ashley‘s father.” Trisha Goddard said, as she stood up and held the hand of Ashley, who gave the cardboard to Michael. He said, “I believe what you say.” Kristi burst into tears and Trisha hugged Ashley, who said she ‘feels good.’ Michael stood up and tried to hug her daughter but the teen resisted.

“This is the first time I’ve met you. I’m sorry but I’m not sure.” Ashley told Michael. New York Daily News later reported that Michael earlier denied that he is Ashley‘s father and refused to give her financial support. Lindsay Lohan‘s parents, Michael and Dina were married from 1985 to 2007, while Ashley was born in 1997.

“While I’m sorry it took so long, we finally got the answer, and I’m 100% happy with it. We’re all okay with it and will deal with it in the best way we can.” Lindsay Lohan‘s father was quoted telling to the paper this Thursday while rushing to catch a plane.

“I apologized to her. I thought there were other men besides me (in her mom’s life). We’re having and will have a good relationship. I’ve spoken to her four times since (filming the segment) last week.” Michael added, stressing out that he met Kristi when he was separated from Dina for eight months during their marriage.

Michael Lohan DNA test revealing that Ashley is Lindsay Lohan’s half sister
Video Credit: NBC/Trisha Goddard via TMZ

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