Michael Jordan love letter sold in auction, HS girlfriend Laquetta Robinson plans to sue (Video)

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A Michael Jordan’s love letter to his high school sweetheart was sold in auction, but Laquetta Robinson, the recipient, plans to sue and claiming it was stolen from her, as shown in the news video below.

Michael Jordan, with then HS girlfriend
Laquetta Robinson during the 80s

Image Credit: Laquetta Robinson

In an interview with CNN recently, Michael Jordan’s high school girlfriend, Laquetta Robinson plans to file a lawsuit after learning that the former NBA superstar’s love letter to her was sold in auction.

“It was mine, it was private,” Laquetta Robinson told CNN last Wednesday, July 6, noting that it was taken from her without her knowledge and permission.

“I don’t want Michael to think that I betray him.” Robinson added, noting that she only knew it was missing when she learned from TV news last week that it went into an auction sale.

As noted at Leland.com, Michael Jordan’s love letter was sold for $5,100.66 in 2004 and the winning bidder’s identity was not revealed.

Apparently, the love letter was personally written by Michael Jordan, who was then 18 years old, while he was in advanced chemistry class at Emsley A. Laney High School in North Carolina.

Laquetta Robinson explaining Michael Jordan’s love letter was stolen
Video Credit: CNN.com

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