Michael Jackson statue unveiled at Craven Cottage, Al Fayed defends against fans (Photo)

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A Michael Jackson statue was unveiled outside at the Craven Cottage stadium in Fullham, London, on Sunday, April 03, 2011, as shown the photo below, and Mohammed Al Fayed defended it against football fans.

Michael Jackson statue in Fullham
Image Credit: Ian Walton / Getty Images

As reported at Mirror, the Michael Jackson statue was unveiled on Sunday by Al Fayed, Fullham football team owner and a close friend of the late ‘King of Pop’.

Nearly two weeks ago, the 79-year old Egyptian businessman announced his plans of unveiling the statue of Michael Jackson, who visited the place in 1999 and watched a football game with him.

Incidentally, this was also the time when Michael Jackson‘s life was filed with controversy.

However, hundreds of football fans filed a petition in protest of the idea, saying that statues on that ground should only be for football club legends and that there was no indication that Michael Jackson is a Fullham fan.

Apparently, the original plan of Al Fayed is to erect the Michael Jackson statue, which was commissioned after the pop singer passed away in 2009, outside his Harrods store, but the Fullham chief changed his mind later.

“Why is it bizarre? Football fans love it.” Al Fayed was quoted as saying on Sunday, after the unveiling of the controversial statue, before the Fullham-Blackpool football match.

“If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift they can go to hell.” Al Fayed added.

On the other hand, Blackpool Manager Ian Holloway supported the idea of Al Fayed, and said he has high respect for Michael Jackson.

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