Michael Jackson Neverland now for rent news not true?

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News is now spreading online that Michael Jackson’s Neverland is now for rent, but apparently a post at Michael Jackson’s official website on Monday seems to be claiming that the news is ‘not true’.

Apparently, a total of six attractions at Neverland were said to be available via Butler Amusements for about $5- $8,500.

The ‘Lolli Swing’ that has a big clown at the center is being said to be available for rent that starts with $5,000, as well as ‘Dragon Wagon’ and the ‘Dinos/Jumping Jumbos’ with the same minimum rental price.

In addition, a ‘Balloon Samba’ ride was said to be available at the minimum cost of $8,500, in which all of them needs one day to set up.

But while Butler Amusement has six different attractions, one of them is permanently installed at the California State Fair and Exposition in Sacramento. News reports said.

However, a post at MichaelJackson.com also on Monday is claiming that the news about ‘Michael Jackson’s Neverland for rent’ is apparently ‘not true’.

According to that post, there are no more rides at Michael Jackson’s Neverland since they were sold years ago.

And if one can be able to rent some of the rides that were formerly at Neverland from the current owners, the post says Neverland or Michael’s Estate themselves have nothing to do with it.

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