Michael Jackson Hollywood Tonight music video released, features female dancer Sofia Boutella

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The Michael Jackson Hollywood Tonight music video has been released, which was uploaded at YouTube on Thursday, March 10, 2011, featuring a female dancer as shown in the video below.

Sofia Boutella Hollywood Tonight music video
Image Credit: michaeljacksonVEVO/YouTube

As noted at MichaelJackson.com, the Michael Jackson Hollywood Tonight music video features a journey of a young lady to Hollywood who wants to be a dancer someday, and was portrayed by Algeria-born female dancer Sofia Boutella.

Apparently, the music video represented the story of every artist or musician who struggles hard to make a big name in music industry, which also featured more than 60 dancers performing a Michael Jackson-inspired dance routine.

Hollywood Tonight, released on February 19, 2011, is the second single from Michael Jackson’s posthumous album entitled ‘Michael’, and was reportedly written by the King of Pop himself in 2011 during the days of his ‘Invincible’ album, while Teddy Riley have finished the writing.

The Michael Jackson Hollywood Tonight music video was filmed at the sidewalk and the street in front of the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, and was directed by Wayne Isham, who also directed the music video of ‘You Are Not Alone’, another Michael Jackson hit.

Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight
Video Credit: michaeljacksonVEVO/YouTube

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