Mice species discovery, seven new mammals from the Philippines

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Six of the seven new species of mice
Image Credit: DENR Handout, AFP/Getty Images

Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said on Wednesday that seven new species of mice have been found in the mountains of Luzon by American and Filipino biologists, as reported by various local and international news sites, June 16, 2011.

Apparently, the 7 new species of forest mice can be specifically located in Mt. Tapulao (Zambales), Mt. Banahaw (boundary of Laguna and Quezon provinces), Mingan Mountain (Aurora Province) and in Sierra Madre mountain range.

Related reports claim that the findings were formally published in the May 2011 issue of Fieldiana, the peer-reviewed journal of the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH) in Chicago.

Dr. Lawrence Heaney, project leader and the lead author of the Fieldiana article, mentioned through reports that the species are “wonderful little mice that live in forested regions high in the mountain…often abundant, [yet] they actively avoid humans and rarely cause any harm. They prefer to eat earthworms and seeds on the forest floor.”

Similarly noted, the 9 co-authors of the article include biologists from the University of the Philippines, the Philippine National Museum, Conservation International (CI) of the Philippines, the Utah Museum of Natural History and Florida State University.

Ramon Paje, DENR Secretary reportedly acknowledged the findings as a reaffirmation of the Philippines’ status as one of the world’s 17 mega-diverse countries in the world in terms of biodiversity.

Reports also quoted Paje saying, “The international community has recognized that our country has among the highest rates of discovery in the world. Filipinos should be aware of such discoveries, to show a collective pride and give a more positive meaning to the expression, ‘only in the Philippines.”

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