Miami Biscayne Bay sandbar piano mystery solved (Video)

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The Biscayne Bay sandbar piano mystery, which recently made big news worldwide, has been finally solved, according to Miami Herald on Thursday.

As reported earlier, a mysterious 650-pound grand piano was found on sandbar at Biscayne Bay in Miami, and a lot of speculations were raised on how it got there, about 200 yards away from the shore.

Apparently, a 16-year old junior at MAST Academy named Nicholas Harrington admitted that he is responsible for placing the mysterious piano at the Biscayne Bay sandbar, and showed a video proving his claim.

Harrington, who also known to be the son of “Burn Notice” production designer J. Mark Harrington, told the news that grand piano is being planned to be used for a promotional video using the piano but did not pursue.

According to Nicholas, whose video showed him on a boat with the piano and shoot some photos of it while being burned on sandbar, revealed that the piano was set on fire during the New Year’s Eve party on their house.

The following day, January 2, Nicholas, his father, along with two friends brought the piano on the sandbar and burned it again, as shown in the video below.

Although Nicholas learned that the mystery piano went viral worldwide, he decided not to present himself not until other people claimed the piano including rock star-turned movie director and actor William Yeager.

As Yeager claimed, he placed that piano on the sandbar about 10 days ago and will use it for a movie scene. Years ago, Yeager, a well-known prankster, made headlines after dying his skin to black and announced that he was the illegitimate son of Jimi Hendrix.

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