MH370 Missing Flight of Malaysia Airlines May Have Turned Back Before Vanishing Says Air Force Chief of Malaysia

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The MH370 Missing Flight of Malaysia Airlines heading for Beijing, China on Saturday, March 8, 2014 may have turned back before vanishing as indicated by military radars, according to Malaysia’s air force chief during the investigations made by authorities.

Malaysia Airlines plane

MH370 Missing Flight of Malaysia Airlines
Credit: Boeing

Unfortunately, as of this writing, a massive international sea search has so far turned up no trace of the plane. The said plane was carrying 239 people when it lost contact with ground controllers somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam after leaving Kuala Lumpur.

Vietnamese air force jets spotted two large oil slicks Saturday, but it was unclear if they were linked to the missing plane, and no debris was found nearby.

“We are trying to make sense of this. The military radar indicated that the aircraft may have made a turn back and in some parts, this was corroborated by civilian radar”, Air force chief Rodzali Daud mentioned in a media conference.

Moreover, authorities were checking on the identities of two suspected passengers who appear to have boarded with stolen passports. It was reported that on Saturday, foreign ministries of Italy and Austria said the names of the two passengers listed on the flight’s manifest matched the names of the suspects.

According to reports, the stolen passports, and the sudden disappearance of the plane is consistent with a possible onboard explosion, and that Al-Qaida militants have used similar tactics to try and disguise their identities.

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