Mexico oil pipeline explosion kills at least 28 people, houses destroyed

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A series of explosions occurred in two oil pipelines in Puebla, Mexico on Sunday, killing at least 28 people, with 52 injured, and about 32 houses totally destroyed; as published on Mexican news on Monday.

As reported at, a total of five explosions occurred in San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla and have reach about three kilometers in radius, with the first explosion as being the most powerful.

According to the report, the first explosion occurred at Pemex oil pumping station at around 5:50 am, Mexico time, December 19, which apparently was caused by an oil spill associated with gas.

Authorities told the local news that the oil leak might be due to the ‘milking’ activity performed on the said oil pumping station, which started the spark and ended to a series of explosion.

The 28 casualties were reported to have included 12 children and their families living nearby the area, with about 115 homes affected by the explosion.

Residents living in El Arenal, Solidaridad, El Cerrito, and other areas surrounding the pumping station were immediately evacuated.

Parked vehicles, big trees, and a motel located at the banks of Atoyac River were totally burned, the report added.

Federal Electricity Commission cut the power and wired telephone services to avoid further damage and accidents.

Pemex director Juan José Suárez Coppel revealed on the press conference that there is a huge possibility of illegal connection, but there were speculations that the incident is related to the country’s illegal drugs problem.

Meanwhile, Mexico President Felipe Calderon announced that the main cause of the explosion is now under thorough investigation.

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