Mexico’s “Vampire Woman” Maria Jose Cristerna Living Life Normally

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Vampire Woman, Maria Jose Cristerna
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Vampire Woman, Maria Jose Cristerna from Mexico is gaining world-wide popularity with her shocking tattoo version of a vampire. This was publicized around the globe in leading news sites, April 9, 2011.

Cristerna who said domestic violence had caused her to do that to herself proudly displayed her complete make-over as the Vampire Woman in the Monterrey tattoo exhibition. She had titanium horns implanted in her head and had real fangs done with matching heavily accented eyes.

Her nails were long and scary completing the vampire appearance, yet she still plans to add more horns. She is a tattoo artist and said that tattooing is her way of life and of immortalizing herself through her tattoos.  Cristerna further stated that she still lives a normal life in the face of all the controversy about her  scary vampire tattoo and make-over.

This YouTube video in Spanish was uploaded by ELNORTEvideos about the Vampire Woman, Maria Jose Cristerna.

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