Metta World Peace ejected, after hitting James Harden on his head with elbow, suspension possible (Video)

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Read NBA: Metta World Peace suspended for seven games after elbow foul to James Harden

NBA player Metta World Peace was ejected from the game on Sunday, April 22, 2012 after a ‘hard foul’, where he hit James Harden on his head using his elbow, as shown in the video below, with reports saying he could be suspended.

Metta World Peace, hitting his elbow on
James Harden’s head

Image Credit: NBA video

As featured at NBA on Sunday night, Metta World Peace, whose legal name earlier was Ron Artest, made a successful dunk with 1:39 remaining in the second quarter of the game between Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The 32-year old Lakers player can be seen beating his chest to celebrate his shot that cut down the lead of Thunder to one, 48-47; but later threw his left arm behind with all his might, with his elbow hitting Harden, who fell into the floor and appeared to be badly hurt.

On the other hand, Metta World Peace continued to run to other side of the court but Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka approached him, and both teams began arguing but were separated by the referees, with the game temporarily stopped.

Apparently, the formerly known as Ron Artest, talked to referee Gary Zielisnki and was seen using body language suggesting that his act was not intentional and hitting Harden was only an accident, with sportscasters noting that he could be suspended after the replay of the incident was shown.

After the game, Metta World Peace talked to reporters and apologized for what happened but was not allowed to answer questions; and later used his official Twitter account to further explain his side, with Lakers coach also Mike Brown spoke about the incident.

Metta World Peace, hitting James Harden on his head using his elbow
Video Credit: ThatNBAChannel/YouTube/NBA/ESPN

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