Mermaids: The Body Found Explores The Possibility of Mermaids’ Existence

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Mermaids: The Body Found
Mermaids: The Body Found
Image Credit: Animal Planet

Mermaids: The Body Found premiered on Sunday, May 27, 9pm to 11pm ET/PT on Animal Planet as part of Animal Planet‘s Monster Week, international news reported on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

According to Animal Planet‘s press release posted online at, the two-hour CGI special “unravels mysterious underwater sound recordings, dived deep into the Aquatic Ape Theory and questions if mermaids are related to people.”

Reports said that the film suggests that a group of human ancestors evolved to become sea creatures. It also suggested that a government cover-up is in place to hide the existence of mermaids.

“The fact is there are animals that have moved from the land into the sea. Could it have happened to humans? And with aquatic ape theory, if there’s anything to it, what is the logical extension of it if we continued going in that direction. The idea is that people pulled back and we stopped evolving into a marine animal, into an aquatic animal. But what if we kept going? And that to me, knowing that it’s happened before knowing that it’s real science with other animals. Could it have happened with one branch of the human family tree?” Charlie Foley, the director of the film was quoted as saying the by NY Post.

The film is said to be science fiction. However, it is said to be based on some real events and scientific theory. Below is a teaser video clip for the said film uploaded on Youtube by Animal Planet:

Credit: Youtube / Animal Planet

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