Mermaids don’t exist, NOAA says, ‘no evidence has ever found’

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently confirmed that “mermaids don’t exist“, a month after the two-hour fictional film “Mermaids: The Body Found” was shown at Animal Planet, a branch of Discovery Channel.

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Apparently, a post by NOAA on its official website on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 titled “No Evidence of Aquatic Humanoids Has Ever Been Found” in their Ocean Facts category; mermaids are described as half-human and half-fish sirens of the sea and are legendary sea creatures known thousands of years ago.

“Half-human creatures, called chimeras, also abound in mythology — in addition to mermaids, there were wise centaurs, wild satyrs, and frightful minotaurs, to name but a few. But are mermaids real? No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.” A statement reads at

“Why, then, do they occupy the collective unconscious of nearly all seafaring peoples? That’s a question best left to historians, philosophers, and anthropologists.” NOAA added, noting that mermaid figures first appear in cave paintings in the late Paleolithic (Stone Age) period some 30,000 years ago.

Meanwhile, a NOAA spokesman reportedly denied that the statement is hitting the Animal Planet‘s show, which was shown last May 27, noting that their statement is just one way of educating people particularly about myths in the ocean.

“The timing was around that time. I think the TV show came out around Memorial Day and we got a few of the questions [about mermaids]. Arguably, yes, the timing is tied to the documentary.” Keeley Belva, spokesperson for NOAA‘s National Ocean Service, was quoted telling to this Tuesday, July 3.

“As we had gotten a couple questions about mermaids, we thought this would be a fun way to talk about it and to have information up about mermaids in different cultures and to draw people into our website and learn more about what NOAA and the National Ocean Service does.” Belva added.

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