Merlin Season 4: 13 Episodes to Air Starting October 2011 on BBC (Comic-Con Video)

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Merlin Season 4 will be aired on BBC starting October 2011 with 13 episodes. This was revealed by “Merlin,Colin Morgan, and the other stars during the 2011 Comic-Con, which was held in San Diego. UK entertainment reports stated this as well, August 2011.

Merlin is a UK TV series about the great warlock during the era of the legendary King Arthur in the kingdom of Camelot. It has Seasons 1, 2, and 3 aired successfully despite being pitted with other popular TV shows, like X factor.

Merlin Season 4 will be broadcast by the SyFy Channel in the US with its Season 1 & 2 DVD released in Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. The Season 3 DVD was released August 4, 2011 in Australia.

Reportedly, a 5th series was commissioned by BBC for next season, and will start filming on March 2012. Meanwhile, the 4th series has the tagline: “The Darkest Hour Is Just before the Dawn.

Merlin stars Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as Prince Arthur, Angel Coulby as  Gwen, Katie McGrath as Lady Morgana, Anthony Head as King Uther Pendragon and Richard Wilson as Gaius

Merlin, 2011 Comic-Con
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