Mercedes Recall: 2010 C-Class and 2011 E-Class Models due to Steering Problem affects 85,000 Cars

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Mercedes Benz is now being reported to be the latest luxury car to have a recall this year.

According to international news, Mercedes Benz is making a voluntarily recall to about 85,000 cars in the market, due to a possible steering problem that make the affected car be difficult to control.

The affected models were said to be the 2010 C-Class and the 2010-11 E-Class, the automaker recently told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), reports said.

Just like the recent BMW recall 2010 wherein about 20,000 Cadillac models were affected, this Mercedes Benz recall 2010 was said to have started from a fluid leak from the power steering line.

While we cannot find any copy of press release issued online by NTHSA or any related report from the Mercedez Benz website as of this moment, reports say the company learned about the problem from a series of customer complaints.

Although the supposed steering problem may lead into a vehicle crash, there were no reported accidents concerning this issue.

Apparently, this Mercedes Benz recall 2010 was said to have started this month and potential affected customers were being advised to visit their nearest car dealer for a free check-up.

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