Mercedes Benz Invisible Car: Mercedes Uses Optical Camouflage Technology (Photo)

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Mercedes Benz invisible car

Mercedes Invisible Car
Image Credit: Yahoo! India

Mercedes Benz technology experts used optical camouflage to make an entire car disappear, according to reports by several international news sites on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

The invisible car is being used by Mercedes Benz to promote their new hydrogen-powered Mercedes Benz F-Cell vehicle in Germany.

Reports say that the Mercedes car was made invisible reiterate its concept of 0.0 emissions.

Optical camouflage technology was used to hide the driver’s side of the car by covering it with LEDs and mounted a Canon 5D video recorder on the opposite side of the vehicle. With this technology, a footage of one side of the car is captured and displayed on the other end, thus creating an illusion of an invisible car.

Scientists from the University of Tokyo started the concept of an invisible car which is very much the same principles used by television stations in their weather forecasting and Hollywood films.

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