Melbourne woman saved by seatbelt after car fell from 6th floor of building car park

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Melbourne, Australia – A woman was said to have been saved by wearing a seatbelt when her car fell from a car park on the 6th floor of a building on Monday, April 4, 2011.

Car fell from 6th floor building car park
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As reported on various Australian news sites on Monday, a 41-year old woman survived and was rescued by paramedics after her silver Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD fell off the Kim Lim car park on Monday, at around 9 am (Australia time).

Apparently, the crumpled car was seen lying on the passenger seat side in a narrow alley between two buildings, as the woman was trapped inside and hanging on her seatbelt.

The lady driver, whose identity was not revealed, was said to have miraculously survived the crash suffered severe cut on her head and was rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“We believe the car has hit the side of the building before falling to the ground,” Acting Senior Sergeant John Mason told reports, as investigation on how the car fell is still going on.

Local authorities are still looking on different angles as how could such a car crashed through the steel beam and wire barrier of the car park.

“I think a lot of things contributed to keeping her alive today, the airbags, the seatbelt … luck,” Paramedic Matthew Riddle was quoted as saying, adding that it’s amazing the woman was still alive.

“It’s different in a high-speed crash. The force comes from one direction but it looks like this car has hit a few buildings on the way down so she’s been struck from a few angles,” Riddle added.

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