Mel Gibson’s Movie Trailer, “The Beaver”, Released

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Mel Gibson’s movie trailer,” The Beaver” is now released, December 3, 2010. Worldwide fans of Mel Gibson will finally watch his comeback film this spring of 2011. The movie is a story about Walter Black, “a man who has lost all hope.” He gained back his sense of direction by speaking to people through his best friend, a beaver. This is according to international news sites.

Jodie Foster who directs and acts in “The Beaver”, said  in an interview, that she is hopeful she can help Gibson get through his dark moment.

This statement comes  in reference to  a previous startling news  when Gibson’s alleged audio tapes surfaced that  cast him into an unstable and irascible individual. Gibson has also has separated from his ex girlfriend Russian Pianist, Oksana Grigorieva because of the alleged “dark side” of Gibson.

They had a custody battle over their child just recently.  Gibson’s ex wife, Robyn Moore, however said that Mel Gibson had been a tender and loving father to their children during the 28 years that they have been married.

The Beaver” can seem to be a movie touching some aspects in Mel Gibson’s true life. Fans expressed their eagerness to watch the film even after the explosive and unpleasant allegations by Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson’s movie trailer, “The Beaver” is out and hopefully, it will draw audience worldwide to its international screening this spring of 2011.

Here is the movie trailer, from YouTube.

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