Megamouth Shark Caught Off Shizuoka Coast

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Megamouth Shark

Megamouth Shark
Credit: Japanese Daily

A Megamouth shark was captured by fishermen off the coast of Shizuoka City in Japan. The Megamouth shark is now on display at the Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka.

Watch the video of the Megamouth Shark by clicking here.

Japan Daily reported that the rare Megamouth shark is measured at 13 feet in length and weighed about 1,500 pounds.

Over 1,000 people witnessed the autopsy conducted on the Megamouth shark.

The alien-looking Megamouth shark got its name due to its large head and mouth. Megamouth sharks’ length can reach up to 17 feet.

It was only the 58th time that a Megamouth shark was publicly seen around the world and only the 13th in Japan. Other Megamouth sharks were seen in California, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, Senegal, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico and Australia.

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