Mega-D alleged mastermind Oleg Nikolaenko pleads not guilty for sending billions of spam emails

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Oleg Nikolaenko, the 23-year old Russian as believed by the FBI to be the Mega-D mastermind and has been sending billions of spam emails, pleaded not guilty on Friday

According to international news sites, Nikolaenko pleaded not guilty against the charges to him as the email spammer who was allegedly responsible for selling counterfeit goods online.

Mega-D was likely the largest botnet in the world, accounting for 32 percent of all spam,” as stated in the document from a court in Wisconsin.

“Security researchers estimated that the botnet was capable of sending ten billion spam e-mail messages a day.” The court added.

As published in CNN, a document said that ‘Nikolaenko allegedly received $459,098.47 between June 4 and December 5, 2007, through sending e-mails selling everything from advertised erectile dysfunction drugs, other counterfeit prescriptions and herbal remedies’.

Last November 4, Nikolaenko was eventually caught by authorities in Las Vegas, Nevada, while he was watching an auto show.

He was charged with violation of the CAN-SPAM Act 0 2003, who was reported to have been sending about 2,500 spam e-mails daily while using counterfeit header information in commercial e-mails.

Prosecutors apparently revealed that Nikolaenko’s network was capable of sending up to 10 billion messages a day, who was dubbed by the FBI as the ‘King of Spam’.

The charge against Nikolaenko requires him to spend a maximum penalty of three years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

As of this writing, no bail was allowed for the suspect and was said to be held in a U.S. Marshal Detention facility in Milwaukee.

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