Meet the Mark Zuckerberg who is not a Facebook fan

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is undeniably one of the popular human beings in the planet these days.

From his 500 million friends in Facebook, to his controversial film The Social Network, up to his latest $100 million donation for child’s education that he announced in Oprah.

And who among us do not know that he is the 35th richest man in America today at the age of 26, with a net worth of $6.9 billion?

Now, when can someone meet a Mark Zuckerberg who is not a Facebook fan.

Well, it is when you meet Mark S. Zuckerberg, the bankruptcy lawyer from Indianapolis, who apparently shares his first and last name with the Facebook founder.

Attorney Mark S. Zuckerberg, who is being usually being mistaken as Mark E. Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, was quoted in a USAToday article, is receiving 500 friend invitations a day at Facebook for his unusual name.

In addition to his headache, his law office in Indianapolis gets about a dozen phone calls a day from people complaining about Facebook and demanding technical support.

Back in 2004 when Facebook was not yet around, Mark S. Zuckerberg said he is the only one who had that name in Google.

Then a bit later, and out of curiosity, Mark S. Zuckerberg said he entered his name in Google and found the Mark E. Zuckerberg in his small website. The Facebook founder was in still in high school that time.

But due to the extreme popularity of Mark E. Zuckerberg these days, Mark S. Zuckerberg decided to create his website – to set things straight.

As Attorney Zuckerberg wrote on it, he says he has nothing against the 26-year old billionaire Zuckerberg.

He even said that if the Facebook founder will have difficult financial times and happens to be in Indiana, he will be glad to handle his case.

“He’s made a change in the world, the way people meet and talk,” the 48-year old bankruptcy lawyer said. “I mean, it’s a huge thing that he’s done.”

However, Mark S. Zuckerberg was mentioned in the USAToday article that he is not a Facebook fan.

As the news post said, ‘he swears it ruined his marriage, while his divorce is final Friday’.

It also said that Mark S. Zuckerberg only joined Facebook to communicate with people he couldn’t communicate with in any other way.

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