Medieval Knight found in Edinburgh Old Town by Ross Murray (Photo)

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medieval knight found

Medieval knight found
Credit: BBC News

A medieval knight was found by archaeologists, Ross Murray, underneath an old car park where three century old buildings previously stand. The location was reportedly part of an Edinburgh Old Town building site in southern Scotland.

Aside from the remains of the medieval knight, Murray also unearthed several artifacts that include slab of sandstone with carvings of the Calvary cross and a knight’s sword.

Below are the three notable buildings previously located in the area.

  • 18th-century Old High School, also known as the New Parliament House,
  • 16th-century Royal High School, one of the oldest school in Edinburgh,
  • 13th-century Blackfriars Monastery, established in 1230.

The area is being demolished to gave way for the construction of the University of Edinburgh‘s Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Innovation (ECCI). A rainwater harvesting tank is also being built as part of the university’s low carbon scheme.

According to reports, the excavation also revealed the exact location of the century old monastery, established by Alexander II, King of Scotland from 1214 to 1249. The Blackfriars Monastery was destroyed during the Protestant Reformation in 1558.

In a statement, Murray explained that, “We obviously knew the history of the High School Yards site while we were studying here but I never imagined I would be back here to make such an incredible discovery.”

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