Medicare Fraud: US Feds Arrested Doctors, Physical Therapists and Nurses in a Nationwide Operation

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A large scale Medicare fraud unfolded in the US as Feds arrested Doctors, Physical Therapists and Nurses in a nationwide campaign against health care fraud. This was reported by International news sites, February 17, 2011.

The operation yielded the arrest of about a hundred allied medical professionals who have fraudulently billed Medicare of more than $200 million. The Medicare fraud included bills ranging from surgery, to physical therapy to fake prescriptions.

Some of the arrests were made in Florida, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and a few more states that prompted the federal agents to request for background investigations of health providers to minimize repeated occurrences of Medicare fraud.

Among these arrests are three doctors from Florida, namely  Alberto Ayala, Alan Gumer and Mark Wilner. They have allegedly signed fabricated medical charts when on duty at the American Therapeutic.

It is considered the biggest nationwide Medicare fraud operation that led to the arrest of more than a hundred people from different States.

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