McDonald’s upside-down flag flies at half-mast in Follansbee, West Virginia (Photo)

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A McDonald’s upside-down American flag reportedly flies at half-mast in its restaurant in Follansbee, West Virginia a day after the 2012 US Presidential Elections.

McDonald's upside-down flag
McDonald’s Upside-Down Flag
Image Credit: Facebook

Reports say that an upside-down flag is usually a sign of protest or a political statement. McDonald’s upside-down flag may seem to be an expression of disapproval on the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election results.

An anonymous McDonald’s employee reportedly told News9 that the upside-down flag position was the instruction of the owner.

Later, Huffington Post reportedly received an emailed explanation from McDonald’s franchise owner Karen Mezan. Below is Mezan‘s written statement.

Unfortunately, a flag cable broke and during the process of trying the fix the flag, it was inadvertently turned upside down. It wasn’t noticed that the flag was upside down until a customer inquired about it. We are working on fixing the flag right now. It’s important to note that this was an accident, not intentional.

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