McDonald’s secret sauce: McDonald’s chef shows how to make Big Mac at home (Video)

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The ingredients of the so-called ‘McDonald’s secret sauce‘ has recently been asked via McDonald’s Canada, and McDonald’s Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut noted that is “not really a secret”, who also explained how to make a Big Mac sandwich at home, as shown in the YouTube video below.

‘Home made’ McDonalds Big Mac
Image Credit: McDonalds Canada YouTube video

“What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?” Christine H. from Oshawa asked, as read by Chef Coudreaut; as part of McDonald’s Q & A, or its ‘ask your questions’ customer service communication project, where McDonald’s earlier revealed its advertising secret during a behind-the-scenes photo shoot.

“Honestly, the ingredients have been available in restaurants or as well now in the Internet for many years. So it’s not really secret. But today we’re going to make a version of the Big Mac with ingredients that are similar that you could buy on your local grocery store.” Chef Coudreaut said.

Later, Chef Coudreaut removed his white working jacket revealing a casual shirt and denims, and explained a step-by-step guide on how anyone can make their own Big Mac, using a 100% beef and other ingredients which he said can be bought from a local grocery store.

According to Coudreaut, the ingredients of the so-called McDonald’s secret sauce include mayonnaise, pickle relish, yellow mustard, white wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika; and later demonstrated on how to cook the patties and how to toast the buns; which he claimed what is also being done in any McDonald’s restaurant.

McDonald’s Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut, revealing ‘McDonald’s secret sauce’
Video Credit: McDonaldsCanada/YouTube

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