McDonald’s Happy Meal to include fruits and vegetables, a response to child obesity issue

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McDonald’s Happy Meal in the US is set to include fruits and vegetables, instead of the traditional hamburger, soft drink and fries being served, as their response to child obesity issue.

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As noted at US news sites on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, McDonald’s announced that a healthier Happy Meal option will be offered to their customers particularly to kids.

“What we’re doing is offering fruit to every child that comes into a McDonald’s, so it is an automatic.” McDonald’s President Jan Fields reportedly told Good Morning America (GMA).

“Now is a great time for us to be able to do something like this. We think both parents and children are going to absolutely love the changes that we’re making.” Ms. Fields added.

Nevertheless, McDonald’s noted that the earlier plan to remove entirely its fries was not agreed by parents and kids, and this is why they said they decided that it will remain.

However, the fries will now be an option and kids can also skip them and go for other choices such as apple splices, as potato content will now be 1.1 ounces instead of the usual weight of 2.4.

According to McDonald’s, the inclusion of fruits and vegetables on Happy Meal will take place this coming in some markets in September, following the pressure to fight child obesity.

McDonald’s, notably the world’s world’s largest restaurant chain by sales, noted that the changes will be rolled out to all 14,000 branches across the US by April next year.

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