McDonald’s DNA Spray Security: More SelectaDNA system in Australia store outlets

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McDonald’s will be installing more DNA spray security system in their Sydney stores to keep off robbers from their fast-food outlets. About 13 Intruder Spray security system were already in placed in several McDonald’s stores in Australia.

McDonald's DNA spray security
McDonald’s DNA spray security is provided by SelectaDNA.
Image Credit: SelectaDNA

SelectaDNA, a security company based in Kent in the UK, will be providing the high-technology system that will spray a “non-toxic solution with DNA Code” on store intruders as they go out the door of the stores.

A spokesperson from McDonald’s said that they will “increase the use of SelectaDNA in stores all over the country after a successful trial in their six busiest Sydney restaurants was launched in January last year.”

The Golden Arches chain of stores were reportedly hit by thieves during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The company expects that store burglaries will decrease significantly through the use of SelectaDNA‘s technology.

According to SelectaDNA website, their spray “contains a UV tracer so that if a stolen item is recovered, the DNA can be easily found by the Police by holding under a UV lamp.”

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