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McDonald’s curly fries return to the Philippines receives warm welcome, being demanded in the US

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The famous McDonald’s curly fries (Twister fries) is back in the Philippines and will be available for three weeks only, but a lot of Filipinos request for an extension. On the other hand, US customers are asking as to when it will be available in their country, where the food chain company originated.

McDonald’s curly fries (Twister fries)
Image Credit: McDonald’s Philippines Facebook

“It’s time to get twisted again. The famous McDonald’s Twister Fries is definitely back! Prioritize ’em because they’re only available for the next three weeks!” A statement reads at official McDonald’s Philippines Facebook page on Thursday, August 2, with the McDonald’s curly fries made available a la carte for P60 ($1.43).

McDonald’s Philippines also invited local customers to share photos their Twister Fries moments. Tons of Filipino McDonald’s fans responded very warmly and rushed to their nearest Mcdo stores. Most of them are even requesting that Twister fries should be still available after three weeks and even for life.

Apparently, the requests for the extension of the availability of the McDonald’s curly fries prompted the creation of a Facebook page titled ‘Twister Fries, please Don’t Go‘ was created on August 4 and has a tagline “3 weeks are simply Not enough. Extend Twister Fries in the Philippines Please!!!”

Meanwhile, some Americans started to notice the comeback of the McDonald’s curly fries to the Philippines and demanded that it should be also served in its own country; with most of them placed their requests on Facebook.

Later, a couple of US sites wrote about it and among them are Huffington Post, International Business Times, and Examiner, where all of them are receiving a lot of comments, which most of them agree, despite some earlier controversies, including the claim that an alleged cockroach was found McDonald’s potato cake.

“Should McDonald’s bring curly fries to the United States and stop teasing consumer like it does with the McRib sandwich? Are you listening Ronald?” Examiner‘s Bruce Baker wrote.

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