Mcdonald’s and Carrefour in China allegedly violating food safety rules, Chinese TV accuses

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Mcdonald’s and Carrefour in China are both being accused by China Central Television (CCTV) for separate food safety violation cases in their branches, which are now being investigated by the two companies.

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According to Bloomberg on Friday, March 16, 2012, CCTV, marking the country’s annual Consumer Rights Day on Thursday, revealed that the two companies have allegedly violated some food safety rules.

As noted in the report, CCTV said a Mcdonald’s branch in Beijing allegedly sold expired food instead of throwing them away, while a Carrefour branch in Zhengzhou allegedly mislabeled ordinary chicken as a premium type and sold them for a higher price.

In a report at People Daily, a Chinese website, a video footage showed staff at the McDonald’s restaurant in Sanlitun area allegedly resetting clocks on ovens last March 1, when they sounded an alarm that the food inside should be thrown away.

Apparently, a plate of McDonald’s fried chicken wings was seen put into the ovens, where they should only have been kept for 30 minutes, but was removed two hours later and was made ready to be sold again instead of throwing them away.

In addition, staff in the said video also appeared to be writing expiry dates on packs and changing dates on a batch of dessert pies, wherein they should be sold before 10:20 pm or to be thrown away; but was changed to 11:20 pm.

“This is an isolated case,” Sophia Luan, a China spokeswoman for Mcdonald’s, was quoted, noting that the company will train their employees again on food-handling guidelines to ensure product safety and quality.

On the other hand, Carrefour, known as the world’s second-largest retailer, reportedly issued “a sincere apology” to customers via its official account on Sina Corp.‘s Weibo microblog service in response to the accusation, stressing out that the problem will be addressed properly.

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