McDonald’s advertising secret revealed via behind-the-scenes of photo shoot (Video)

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McDonald’s Canada revealed its advertising secret during a behind-the-scenes of their burger photo shoot, as shown in the video below, as part of their ‘ask your questions’ customer service communication project.

McDonald’s hamburger: Before (left side) and
after ‘adjustments’ in photo shoot

Image Credit: McDonaldsCanada YouTube video

As mentioned by McDonald’s Canada Marketing Director Hope Bagozzi on the YouTube video which was uploaded on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, a certain Isabel B from Toronto is asking, “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?”.

To answer the question, Ms. Bagozzi went to a McDonald’s branch and bought a Quarter Pounder with cheese, and later brought it to Watt International photography studio, where a group of food stylists and photographers collaborate to make the burger look attractive and very appetizing to eat.

Apparently, the McDonald’s behind-the-scenes photo shoot video revealed that the simple hamburger can be turned into an irresistible and mouth-watering food through various processes, which include making some adjustments in the appearance of the burger and shrinking of the cheese.

In addition, each slice of onion, pickle, and cheese were arranged in such a way that they can easily be seen by the consumers, and the sauce being added using a syringe to make the burger more appealing; with Ms. Bagozzi emphasizing that they use the original ingredients during the photo shoot.

On the latter part, the burger was brought to an image specialist where it underwent a retouching process to remove the wrinkles and crumbs on the bun, and the sesame seeds were repositioned and colors were enhanced to make the food more tempting to buy.

McDonald’s photo shoot (Behind the scenes)
Video Credit: McDonaldsCanada/YouTube

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