May Day: Labor Day Nationwide “Wisconsin Witch Hunt” Workers’ Boycott vs. Gov. Scott Walker‘s Supporters

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Gov. Scott Walker
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On May Day, May 1, which is commonly termed Labor Day, workers in Wisconsin plan to stage a national boycott and protest. Those who have been affected by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s decision in curtailing the collective bargaining rights of workers are now urging other workers across America to support their boycott. This was reported by several US sites, April 30, 2011.

The “Stick it to Scott Walker” movement encourages workers to boycott products produced by supporters of Walker in all states to create stickers and post them in stores that have supported Scott Walker. This coincides with Labor Day or International Workers Day. There are hundreds of companies in, what other news sites called the “Wisconsin Witch Hunt”.

Reportedly, the property damages as a result of the pre-May Day protests however, are deemed illegal and considered “destruction of private property.” Wisconsin workers prepare for the May Day 2011 activity and published a list of the companies boycotted in their website, “Stick it to Walker.”

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