Macy’s $9,000 Necklace Thieves Caught on Surveillance Video in Ohio (Video)

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Macy’s $9,000-necklace
Image Credit: Fox 8 news video

Macy’s $9,000-necklace thieves were caught on surveillance video at the South Park Mall in Strongsville, Ohio as the young couple pretended to buy a Mother’s Day gift. This was reported by Fox 8 News, May 20.

According to police reports, the young thieves stayed for at least 90 minutes inside the Macy’s store “building rapport.”  The surveillance video showed the woman going out of the store, as the man convinced the clerk to bring out the necklace. As soon as the necklace was out, the man grabbed the $9,000-necklace from the Macy’s store clerk’s hand and ran out of the store.

Police are hoping that the surveillance video will help in finding Macy’s $9,000-necklace.

This is a video of Macy’s $9,000-necklace thieves, courtesy of Fox 8 News.

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