Ecco Camper Van: Transforms from a Car Into Mobile Home

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According to the recent reports about futuristic transport designs, Nau, an international and architecture innovator group, created “Ecco“, a new generation camper inspired by the design classics of Airstream or Volkswagen Camper vans.

As noted to one report, the pod-shaped camper van has the ability to swiftly transform from an all-electric vehicle to a fully blown caravan for those people who love the outdoor.

Additionally, record mentions that this vehicle is designed to have zero-emission vehicle boasts built-in photovoltaic panels and a solar sail roof to let you live splendidly even in the areas where electricity is absent.

As further attested, this vehicle is designed to quickly charge at a standard 240V station. Surprisingly, it was verified from similar record that the pod can even open up to provide maximum space, the sleeping loft rolls up, the bathroom and entry pod flip open and the entry stairs fold downward from the pod.

Michael J. Brown, one of Nau’s designers, reportedly describes the vehicle design as foldable, which allows ample freedom to use it just as you want.

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