Maryland explosions in Annapolis and Hannover: Two state employees hurt by packages

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Alarm was raised in two separate Maryland state government buildings, when employees opened two packages that emitted smoke and caused a flash of fire, according to international news sites. The packages also released a strange smell that prompted State officials to order mail rooms at state offices in Maryland to be placed under quarantine.

Earlier reports indicated that an explosion occurred at a state office building near the Maryland State House in downtown Annapolis. After 15 minutes, the same incident occurred at the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters in Hannover.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident, except for two employees who had their fingers burned when they opened the packages.

Reports say that emergency personnel are now examining all packages before they are taken inside the Jeffrey Building on Francis Street in downtown Annapolis, Maryland.

Initial report by the State police revealed that one of the package was  addressed to Governor Martin O’Malley and the other to the state transportation department.

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