Marlin sinks boat: Fishing boat capsizes after getting hooked with black Marlin (Video)

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A black marlin sinks a fishing boat off the coast of Panama, according to initial reports on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Several images of the partially capsized sport-fishing boat were posted on Facebook and immediately went viral. There were no reported injuries related to the sinking incident.

Some clarifications about the incident, however, were made in several reports and forum websites.

Marlin Magazine explained that the black marlin is not the real cause why the fishing vessel sunk. As explained in the report, the yacht’s captain put the boat in reverse to help reel in the line that caught the black marlin. However a huge wage caused captain to outbalance and slipped backwards. He in turn accidentally hit the reverse throttle in full. The sudden change in speed caused the yacht to swamp and sink.

Strike Yachts, the manufacturer of the fishing vessel, posted an explanation of the incident at The Hull Truth, a fishing forum site. The manufacturer said that,

Direct from Panama I was told that the sea conditions were not as calm as they seem to be in the pictures and the Captain was an experienced Captain. The seas were full of big swells and large waves. A large wave came over the transom and with the anglers all being in the starboard corner the boat leaned… the Captain in the tower lost his footing [and] while the boat was still in reverse another wave came over the transom. At this time, the captain slipped and, believed to still have his hand on the throttle, putting the boat in full reverse burying the transom into the next waves and swells.

Black marlin reportedly weighs up to 2,000 pounds but is difficult to catch since it is considered as the “fastest fish on the planet.”

Below is the video of the black marlin that reportedly sinks a fishing boat in Panama. Judge it yourself.

Marlin sinks Fishing Boat?
Credit: AOL

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