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Mark Anthony Barriga Loses To Birshan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan

By on Aug 4, 2012 in Asia, Boxing, Sports, World Comments
Mark Anthony Barriga

Mark Anthony Barriga
Image Credit: Business Mirror

Filipino boxer Mark Anthony Barriga lost to Kazakhstan‘s Birshan Zhakypov during their bout at the ExCel South Arena in London Olympics 2012 on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

As broadcasted live on local television, Barriga started strong during the first round, throwing combinations of punches, but still lost by 1 point at 4-5.

He opted to be more cautious on the second round and fought counter-punching Zhakypov, winning the round at 6-3. At this point, Barriga was winning with a 10-8 point total for both rounds.

However, Barriga slowed down on the third round and was caught by Zhakypov‘s crisp right. Points were deducted from Barriga on this round for infractions. Zhakypov was also penalized during this round. Round 3 ended with Zhakypov winning the fight with a total score of 16-17.

Barriga‘s loss is a heartbreaker for the Filipinos as he is seen as the biggest hope to capture an Olympic medal.

With the win, Zhakypov moves to the quarterfinals.

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